Which musicians use modular synthesisers?

With modular synthesis gaining in popularity, I’m seeing more and more modular rigs appearing in musician’s setups – even if it’s just something simple like a small 1u skiff (yeah – we all know that it starts with 1u “just to see if I like it” and ends in an entire wall … heh heh). The great thing about modular is its ability to create sounds that can be used in a wide range of genres and performance styles.

Here are some musicians using modular that I follow and admire, and you should totally check them out if you haven’t already:

Colin Benders

Colin Benders is a Dutch musician who gained fame as a trumpeter and composer. He then transitioned to using modular synths, delivering captivating live performances that blend jazz, techno, and experimental elements.


BT (a.k.a. Brian Transeau), is an acclaimed electronic musician, producer, composer and technologist who regularly uses modular synths in his music – particularly in some of his more ambient albums.

Mylar Melodies

Mylar Melodies is not only an awesome live modular improvisational artist, he is also a huge evangelist of modular synths and electronic music in general.

Jas Shaw

Musician, producer, one half of Simian Mobile Disco and a long-time modular enthusiast – Jas Shaw has been using modular synths for years now, and keeps on making them do even weirder and more exciting things!

Marie Ann Hedonia

Marie Ann Hedonia does some amazing live jams on her modular rig – check out her Youtube channel. She incorporates sublime melodies with ingenious transitions to create some great flowing music.