Here are some of my favourite videos

Another Covid gig – this one was an improvised session from my studio, and you can tell it was fully improvised (should have tuned up the modular first…)

So we had this thing called Covid, and I decided to stream a few gigs from my studio. This was my first one.

I returned to We All Play Synth a few months later, with a much more polished performance, and everything worked this time!

This was my first play with the Korg SQ-1 and this is my first play with it. It was really easy to figure out, and worked really well with my Erebus V2 👍

This is the first video I made for The Acid Drops using Adobe Premiere – took me ages to figure out how to do this but I like the end result!

This was one of my first live performances as Muzoid at We All Play Synth in Bristol, and none of my MIDI connections worked so I have to make this up on the spot! Luckily I had some pre-programmed sequences in the TB-03 and it turned into a bit of an acid banger 😂 You can see around 1:30 where I’m patching the TB-03 into my modular rig to double up the sound and make it more interesting.

Getting to know my modular synth in the very early days!