What are the most popular Eurorack modules?

The popularity of specific Eurorack modules can of course fluctuate over time as new modules are released and the preferences of modular musicians evolve. However, several modules have gained widespread recognition within the Eurorack community and remain staples of many modular setups.

Here are a few examples:

Mutable Instruments Plaits

The Mutable Instruments Plaits is a versatile digital macro-oscillator module that offers a wide range of sound generation capabilities, including various synthesis models, wavetables, and percussive sounds.

Make Noise Maths

Make Noise Maths is a multifunctional module that combines functions like envelopes, LFOs, and function generators. It’s highly regarded for its flexibility and the ability to modulate multiple parameters simultaneously to create some crazy sounds!

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Clouds by Mutable Instruments is a granular audio processor module that allows for intricate manipulation and texture creation of incoming audio. It’s great for creating atmospheric and textural effects.

Mutable Instruments Rings

Another module by Mutable Instruments, Rings is a resonator and modal synthesis module that excels at creating realistic or ethereal sounds reminiscent of plucked strings, bells, and more!

Intellijel Plonk

The Intellijel Plonk is a physical modelling percussion module capable of generating a wide range of drum and percussion sounds. It is appreciated for its realism and expressive control.

Mutable Instruments Tides

The final “must have” module from Mutable Instruments is Tides – a multifunctional module that combines aspects of an oscillator, LFO, and function generator to create a wide range of modulation possibilities, including complex wave shaping and wave sequencing.

WMD Metron

The WMD Metron is a powerful trigger and gate sequencer module that provides precise and versatile rhythmic control, featuring a wide range of sequencing options and pattern variations.

Make Noise Mimeophon

Last but not least, Mimeophon from Make Noise is a stereo multi-zone colour audio repeater module that allows for complex delay and looping effects, as well as various spectral manipulation capabilities.