What are some of the most popular Eurorack manufacturers?

The amazing thing about modular synths is that some of the most recognisable brand names in the space are often run by either a very small team or just invidividuals!

Take Mutable Instruments for example; although sadly no longer in business, this awesome module brand was the work of the Émilie Gillet who was responsible for the design, programming, sales, support and pretty much everything else needed to run the business! Only manufacturing of the modules was outsourced.

Another great example of a one-person modular business is Music Thing Modular which is run by Tom Whitwell in London, UK. Tom designs the modules himself and sells them as DIY kits through Thonk. His Turing Machine module has been a staple part of my setup from very early on, and works great for me as a random ideas generator when I’m jamming with my modular setup.

Here’s some other manufacturers worth checking out: