In September I spent a few days at Axe & Trap Studios near Wells, mixing 5 tracks with the wonderful Ben Turner. I know that most electronic musicians (myself included) tend to mix their tracks themselves in their own studio, and I’ve done this up until now too. But with this batch of tracks I wanted to try mixing them in a commercial studio with someone who really understands the mixing process much better than I do, and I’m happy to say that they turned out sounding pretty awesome!

It’s always a bit of a gamble when you start to work with someone new – especially when you’re working on something as personal and subjective as music. There’s even more at stake when it’s your own tracks that you’ve been working on for months! So I initially just booked one day at the studio to work on 2 tracks and test the waters on some critical areas – would I enjoy working with Ben? Would he be sympathetic to my musical style? Would he do a good job on the mix? Well I can confirm that Ben passed all of these tests easily – he’s a great guy to work with and he really understood what I was trying to achieve with the tracks! So much that I booked another 1.5 days to work on 3 more tracks together! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks listening to them on a wide variety of stereo speakers and headphones and I think the tracks are now sounding awesome!

The track listing for the EP is:

  • The Acid Drops (5:39)
  • Positive (4:44)
  • Bank (5:37)

You can listen to the tracks on Spotify:

Or you can listen to them on Apple Music:

Or Amazon Music:

Or most other music services that are out there.

So please give the tracks a listen when they are out on the 25th and leave a comment to let me know what you think in the comments below.