So I finally moved into a permanent studio space and also bought a Jaspers keyboard rack which is truly awesome! Plus I’ve added a few more gadgets (yes I may have GAS) as you can see in the photo below.

Scrumptious studio setup

Obviously there’s an acoustic guitar in there and surprisingly yes I can play it. I have fat fingers though so it doesn’t sound great… but I do and can play. You won’t hear acoustic guitar on any of these tracks though – that’s just a step too far in the wrong musical direction!

I’ve also upgraded Cubase to version 10 (Artist, not Pro) which was a “fun” experience that took a few days to sort out…

I’m now working on putting together a live set which will probably consist of around 8 songs and hopefully be around 30 minutes long. Looking forward to starting to play some of this stuff “live” very soon!!!

Laters 🙂