So… I’m about to release my first single via the wonderful Distrokid service, and it is due for release on Friday 7th June. The track is called Bank and there are definite throwbacks to Leftfield and The Chemical Brothers in there.

It’s been a pretty painless process – the most difficult bit was getting a master of the track that I was happy with, but with a bit of tweaking here and there I’ve got that sorted.

The next most painful thing was coming up with a packshot for the single, but my daughter sorted that one for me with this lovely painting that looks like some weird fleshy steak thing!

It will be available on all popular streaming and downloading services, but seeing as though pretty much everyone just uses Spotify anyway, the lovely Distrokid service also generates this cool pre-save page that you can click on (yes you!) and pre-save the track so it appears in your Spotify library when it’s released:

So – click the link, pre-save the song and stream it from the rooftops!!!

Laters x